About Us


Teal Monkey Salon

Uniquely Beautiful

Boutique style salon, casual atmosphere.
Created for independent stylists working as a team.
Inspired by art, fashion and each other.
Driven by passion, talent, vision and creativity.
Trained by some of the top leaders and trendsetters in our industry.

All of our stylists strive to create the best look for you. Considering your physical traits, as well as your personality and maintenance. Bringing you the most up to date styles and techniques. You will undoubtedly walk out of the salon feeling like the best version of yourself.

Others go to salons to look a certain way, our clients come to Teal Monkey Salon to feel a certain way.

What Is A Teal Monkey?

A Teal Monkey is different from everyone else! She is: Confident ~ Talented ~ Beautiful ~ Daring ~ Strong ~
A Teal Monkey is


Teal Monkey Trust

Our Promise to You:


How Teal Monkey was Born

Teal Monkeys, like our salon clients, are extraordinary! We created Teal Monkey Salon to pay tribute to those who celebrate all that life has to offer and to inspire our stylists, clients and followers to be bold, confident and...Uniquely Beautiful!